Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day in my life

That day I was the best day in my life. My father wanted to come to Sudan. He was in a visit to Emirate. I went with my family Kukou mini zoo where we saw many animals. we the monkey, the lion and the tiger . after that we went to many places , visited many people. We were very happy the day was full of good deeds. It was like a day in spring. That day is still in my memory because my father came home.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

How did you spend your Eid

I spent a good Eid holiday. I the first day of the Eid,I went to my favourite friend.In the second day, we went to a joureny in Tuuti island. We enjoyed seening the green trees and the lovely Nile river. In thethird day, I visited my grandfther in Bahry. I spent good three days.

How I use My Mobile

My mobile is Nokia 6120. It is a new cell phone. My chip is Sudani. I use it to call an send SMS. I also use it to listen to music and some time I play with it. The mobile is important device in this time. It is a good change from the world.

About Jivara

jivara was a good man. He helps the poor. His father luster man. I like jivara and I see him as the best man in the world because he was a boss man. He was a famous person in his life. EURP NOT BORN AS JEVARA HE WAS WITH BOOKFROM THIS POOR LIVE

How I use the Internet

The Internet makes us connect the message that we send about any thing. We can also use to download music or movies

About Me

My name is Yazeed Ahmed. I was born in an island in north Sudan. I like o play football and listen to music. I like my university because it is my life now. My dream is to go out of Sudan. My best friend is a doctor man. I love to read Jivara and Ibnbatoota.